Internet Safety Tips

SafeSearch filtering

Many users prefer not to have adult sites included in search results (especially if their kids use the same computer). Google's SafeSearch screens for sites that contain explicit sexual content and deletes them from your search results. No filter is 100% accurate, but SafeSearch should eliminate most inappropriate material.

You can choose from among three SafeSearch settings:

  • Moderate filtering excludes most explicit images from Google Image Search results but doesn’t filter ordinary web search results. This is your default SafeSearch setting; you'll receive moderate filtering unless you change it.
  • Strict filtering applies SafeSearch filtering to all your search results (i.e., both image search and ordinary web search).
  • No Filtering, as you've probably figured out, turns off SafeSearch filtering completely.

You can also adjust your SafeSearch settings on the Advanced Search or the Advanced Image Search pages on a per search basis.

We do our best to keep SafeSearch as up-to-date and comprehensive as possible, but inappropriate sites will sometimes slip through the cracks. If you have SafeSearch activated and still find websites containing offensive content in your results, please contact us and we'll investigate it.

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